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And Then There Were...2

By Squints - Posted Jul 27, 17

Tonight we took our first steps into Tacvi.  A zone most of us haven't ever seen.  It was a lot of fun learning the fights and pulling things off.  After juggling unflagged into the zone our 46 heroes managed to drop 6 of the 8 bosses standing between us and the expansion clear.  We will come back and finish it when we dont all have to work the next day =P

Amazing job Dragons!

Raiding with 54 is fun,  recruitment is open =)

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Khadric Stonebeard   published Ayonae Ro died, Squints didn't post about it. on News
Squints As per usual, I suck at updating the news. Popperazzi apps are open?

Ayonae Ro has died a few times now. We have been enjoying falling back into a regular farm schedule and getting ready for TSS.

We are still a casual guild that raids and aren’t quite filling up raids each night but are still plugging away. If you’re looking to join a guild that is still looking forward to each expansion you should track me down in game or post on our forums. I’d love to talk to you.
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