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First time in Vex Thal

By Gnimshi - Posted Nov 4, 16

I need to level my picture taking skills. :( So, take a minute to imagine a bunch of Sad Dragons members piled up in a corner on Aten Ha Ra's corpse. Don't we look great?!?

Thanks, Dragons, for a great night in Vex Thal! It was the first time many of us have seen this zone ever, and the first in many years for the rest. We took our time seeing the sights of Loot Candyland. Speed will improve now that we know our way around a bit and have gotten the needed keys. Thanks to those who stuck out a long, late night, and a BIG thanks to Matheias for leading us and doing all the things. 

We're still recruiting. If you're looking for a casual group of great people who enjoy raiding we'd love to talk to you! Submit an application here on our forums or look for Squints, Gnimshi, or Matheias online and we'll chat.

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Khadric Stonebeard   published Ayonae Ro died, Squints didn't post about it. on News
Squints As per usual, I suck at updating the news. Popperazzi apps are open?

Ayonae Ro has died a few times now. We have been enjoying falling back into a regular farm schedule and getting ready for TSS.

We are still a casual guild that raids and aren’t quite filling up raids each night but are still plugging away. If you’re looking to join a guild that is still looking forward to each expansion you should track me down in game or post on our forums. I’d love to talk to you.
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