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The Serpant's Spine proved a fun challenge.  Raid mechanics are becoming more involved making smooth victories taste all the sweeter. 

We have defeated Lethar a couple times by now and are farming up the goods.  With the new level cap, and reset of gear quality, there's something for everyone!

If you're looking to join a guild that is still looking forward to each expansion you should track Squints down in game or post on our forums.  We'd love to talk to you!

[insert guild cheering at Lethar's corpse pic here]

Ayonae Ro has died a few times now.  We have been enjoying falling back into a regular farm schedule and getting ready for TSS.

We are still a casual guild that raids and aren't quite filling up raids each night but are still plugging away.  If you're looking to join a guild that is still looking forward to each expansion you should track Squints down in game or post on our forums.  We'd love to talk to you!

Mayong is dead!

Squints posted Feb 28, 18

It took a few weeks but we pulled it off.  We have always taken pride in doing things the right way,  working together as a team, and overcoming obstacles.  As far as expansions go this one put up a good fight =)  Most of us have never raided this content in era,  we piece together strats from decade old posts and sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt but we always try to have fun.  I had a blast working through this expansion so my hats off to the Dragons,  nice job =)

We are still clearing older raid content to make sure our gear is as good as it can be going into the next expansion.  If you feel like you would fit in well with us this is a great time to join.  We are settling into farm mode and looking to the future.  Feel free to check out our application forums for info or hit up Squints in game with any questions.

Here's a horrible pic from about 1% hp =P

DoN took 1 day....

Squints posted Dec 20, 17

Kind of disappointing but was fun seeing some new stuff.  We came together and had some fun and killed some dragons!  Now we farm until the next expansion!  =)

We are still splitting a lot of our raids,  would love to make new friends.  If you're looking for a guild to grow, raid, and enjoy Everquest with feel free to check out our application forums or get in touch with Squints in game.

Still going strong!

Squints posted Oct 25, 17

The raiding scene on Phinigel has changed quite a bit over the last 2 years.  Guilds have come and gone yet here we still stand.  It's a testament to the dedication of our playerbase and our leadership.  

We have moved through another expansion.  Learned new things,  came together to overcome obstacles and here we sit in farm mode.  We started splitting most of our raid content a few clears ago (Tacvi/All MPG trials) and would like to add Anguish to that list.  I went ahead and opened up recruitment to all classes.  If you feel you could use a change of scenery or want to get into the raiding game with a good group of people feel free to check out our recruitment page.  Hope to hear from you guys soon!

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