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Grimtrolly leveling Beastlord, newer to game.

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The bulk of our guild are raid level. This means fewer guild groups
for you until you level up. With your current playtime and xp rates on
Phinigel in consideration, how long do you think it will take you to get
to 75?: Hoping just a couple weeks depending what kinda hard spots i run into in leveling and since im having to learn along with way.

With our raid times in consideration, what % attendance do you think you'll make?:

At least 3 times a week possibly more depending on RL situations.

We use discord for grouping/raiding. Do you understand that you at least need to be able to listen?: Yes, i have access to discord and a mic/headset

What raid zone keys/flags do you have? None

Why do you want to join Sad Dragons? What prompted you to apply? Do you have any friends/references in guild?:

I was looking a friendly place to call home as i level and get accustomed to game. To help me learn along the way and be patient since i am newer but eager and willing to listen to learn. Trixzie reached out to me in game and gave me some good information and seemed like a place i would feel welcomed and all around great guild to have a chance to be a part of.

Guild History and why you left: I originally played when the orginal game released Kunark and left due to RL taking over for college and so forth. I tried to come back couple years ago when Lockjaw/ragefire released but not long after i had a hcange in my life to point i couldn't game. Now i find myself in a new and stable life with a consistant schedule and some free time so i want to play the game i first fell in love with and am still loving so far.

What do you expect from a guild? What can a guild expect from you? Just a laid back fun place to chat and learn with each other, not too serious. I am pretty laid back,enjoy the game and having fun. Understand when there is a time to be serious (raids and such) but same time realize its just a game and everyone here to have fun.

What zones/raids are you most looking forward to? All

Tell us a joke...seriously, tell us one!
What does a dog call a bad day?
"One heck of a Ruff Day"
Posted Sep 5, 18 · OP
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Grimtrolly thank you for the application. We will get in touch with you in game in the next couple of days.
Posted Sep 5, 18
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