Poddrick - Cleric 70

The bulk of our guild are raid level. This means fewer guild groups for you until you level up. With your current playtime and xp rates on Phinigel in consideration, how long do you think it will take you to get to 70?:

I am currently level 70

With our raid times in consideration, what % attendance do you think you'll make?:


We use teamspeak for grouping/raiding. Do you understand that you at least need to be able to listen?:


What raid zone keys/flags do you have? Also, please list if you have completed the flag/key for Tacvi, Anguish.

I am flagged for Anquish.

Why do you want to join Sad Dragons? What prompted you to apply? Do you have any friends/references in guild?:

I took a break from Phinny and went to Agnarr to try it out. Server is dying down with the new TLP server coming out. The raid schedule really works for me. I also have grouped with people from SD in the past. Never had a problem and have never heard of any drama either. I am looking for a drama free guild. A guild that works together and have fun. That is my #1 thing.

Guild History and why you left:

Resolute in the past- Can't raid until midnight anymore. People there are great though.

What do you expect from a guild? What can a guild expect from you?

I hope the guild understands that I am coming back and I don't know anything about DoD. The guild can expect that I will always go out of my way to help anyone out.

What zones/raids are you most looking forward to?

All of them :)

Anything you want to share that we haven't thought to ask? (hobbies, accomplishments, magelo links, etc)

Trust me, you don't want to see my magelo link haha :)

Tell us a joke...seriously, tell us one!

Why did the cookie go to the hospital? Because he felt crummy :)
Totally googled that.