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Haven't had a news update in a while so here goes.  We have been farming Everything Elemental Planes (even Rathe Council) and Time each week for a while now.  We have been getting a lot of great gear,  refining our teamwork (yay Rathe Council!) and prepping for LDON and Gates of Discord in the not too distant future.

We have managed to do this without sacrificing our core beliefs.  We are still a casual guild full of working adults that gets things done and has fun doing it. 

Over the term of PoP we have had old members and new members come and go.  Very few have left the guild but real life has pulled them away for this reason or that.  We typically raid with around 60ish players,  a mix of the casual and the hard core,  I'd like to ramp that up just a bit and get some new folks up to speed on how we do things.  The coming expansions will be some of the hardest content we have faced and we want to hit it running. 

If you have found yourself looking for a new place to call home please get in touch with me,  I'd love to see if our goals match up =).  Our highest need right now are enchanters that actually ENJOY playing an enchanter.  Most nights we raid with 1.  After Enchanters I'd love to see some more DPS.  Let's talk!

Timeless wizards!

Gnimshi posted Mar 31, 17

Goin' to Time!

Glenlivet posted Feb 22, 17

Rathe council died last night and that gives many people their key to Time.  We can't wait to Raid Flava Flav's crib! Millennials might have to Google who he is.

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