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DoN took 1 day....

Squints posted Dec 20, 17

Kind of disappointing but was fun seeing some new stuff.  We came together and had some fun and killed some dragons!  Now we farm until the next expansion!  =)

We are still splitting a lot of our raids,  would love to make new friends.  If you're looking for a guild to grow, raid, and enjoy Everquest with feel free to check out our application forums or get in touch with Squints in game.

Still going strong!

Squints posted Oct 25, 17

The raiding scene on Phinigel has changed quite a bit over the last 2 years.  Guilds have come and gone yet here we still stand.  It's a testament to the dedication of our playerbase and our leadership.  

We have moved through another expansion.  Learned new things,  came together to overcome obstacles and here we sit in farm mode.  We started splitting most of our raid content a few clears ago (Tacvi/All MPG trials) and would like to add Anguish to that list.  I went ahead and opened up recruitment to all classes.  If you feel you could use a change of scenery or want to get into the raiding game with a good group of people feel free to check out our recruitment page.  Hope to hear from you guys soon!

Didn't even realize I hadn't updated the news.  Overlord Mata Muram has fallen to us twice now.  We still clear Tacvi and the raid trials each week,  sprinkle in some epic raids and assorted other open world things and we are staying pretty busy. 

Recruitment wise we are always looking for like minded folks.  Feel free to shoot me a tell in game and we can chat.  We have a few more months to get farmed up and ready for the next expansion =)

It's been a fun few days.  XP grinded,  Spells Gathered,  Signets worked on, and fun had!  Tonight we finished up our 6 MPG raid trials,  a few more signets and we will be headed to Anguish!!!

Well done Dragons,  few more things to accomplish to wrap up the expansion =)

Recruitment is still open.  We are looking for skilled players that understand that there is a life outside of EQ.  We enjoy playing the game at our own pace and getting things done while still being the good guys of the server.  I will be re-evaluating recruitment in the coming days and closing some things down so if you're shopping for a guild to join or on the fence about applying please shoot me a pm on the forums or a tell in game and we can chit chat!

We have been farming our expeditions and getting geared up looking forward to Omens and all that will come with it.  While we are sitting in GoD I wanted to make a post regarding recruitment.  Sad Dragons has always been a guild that does what we can with what we have.  It just so happens that we have been able to clear raiding content from expansion to expansion. 

As we continue raiding we look around and see guilds falling apart and it sucks to see.  Players getting displaced,  their hard work coming to a stand still,  the confusion and disappointment that comes with a guild that is no longer.  I do not envy your position as players but if you find yourself looking for a new guild I (Squints) would love to speak with you.  I dont sugar coat stuff.  Im honest when it comes to guild policies and I will never tell you what you want to hear just to get you in the guild.  Our atmosphere is precious to me,  I want no one here that doesnt want to be here. 

We are currently fielding 50+ raiders each night but we have a levelling expansion right around the corner and would love to have a guild full of people chomping at the bit to level and raid and continue plowing through expansion after expansion.  We have a casual friendly DKP/waitlist system so as to not leave people in the dust or make it such an insurmountable goal to get geared up.  I understand that people come to us from all different points in raiding/gearing progression.  People will need gear and coaching in the way of the Sad Dragon.  All of this we are willing to do.  Reflagging,  regearing,  coaching,  its all part of Everquest.  Please dont let it be an intimidating factor when youre looking for a new guild.  If you play,  you will catch up.

Lets talk =)

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